Safe & Smart
Travel with Speed & Economy
Beech Baron B58
You or your priority freight can cruise at 200 miles
an hour
to destinations in the Midwest and
throughout North America at the most economical
price for chartered air service.
Profile of Your Aircraft
Passenger Seating
1 to 4
650 Miles
Max Cruise Speed
220 Miles per Hour
Engine Type
Twin Piston
Cabin Type
Conference Style
Service Ceiling
19,700 Feet
37 Feet 10 Inches
28 Fee
9 Feet 7 Inches
Aircraft Make
Baron BE58
Quickly & safely travel from Milwaukee, Waukesha, or West
Bend to anywhere in the Midwest and beyond.
Easily Reach Destinations
From Milwaukee
Traverse City, MI
164 Miles
48 Minutes
Thunder Bay, CAN
364 Miles
1 hour, 54 Minutes
Buffalo, NY
498 Miles
2 Hours, 18 Minutes
Memphis, TN
616 Miles
3 Hours, 00 Minutes
With its large cargo doors the Baron can quickly convert to
an excellent freight carrier.  This airplane is well equipped to
fly in every season with full de-ice, color radar, and digital
avionics.  The Baron was built fast enough to work in
high-traffic airports and smaller community airports.
Access Flexibility & Safety
Beech first introduced the Baron in 1961 and the aircraft is
still in production today.  Simply put, the Baron is the most
economical way to transport up to five people in twin engine
Enjoy Comfort & Value
charter the baron
Charters 24 / 7
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