When you fly aboard West Bend Air, you will  enjoy
traveling privately and securely with only you and your
party aboard.
No unwanted passengers
No surprises
Relaxing refreshments
When you charter a flight, you choose when you wish to  
Fly anytime - day or night - 365 days a year
Reach a destination and return the same day
Avoid hotel stays
Avoid long check-in lines
Fly on Your Schedule
With convenient airports and dedicated flights you can reach
destinations and return the same day, or reach several cities
in days instead of weeks.
Depart from Milwaukee's Mitchell or Timmerman
Plus West Bend, Waukesha, Madison or Chicago
And thousands of airports throughout North America
Depart, Arrive Conveniently
Enjoy Privacy
You can fly with peace of mind knowing West Bend Air has :
Jet pilots trained each year at Flight Safety
Twin-engine pilots trained each year in FAA-approved
internal training program
Radar-equipped aircraft
20 years of accident-free service
Pilots with over 40,000 hours of combined flight
Travel Safely
Fly on your schedule conveniently from any
Milwaukee area airport to any place in North
America.  Travel safely aboard twin engine
aircraft with experienced, well trained pilots.
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